The daughter of the former socialist minister and Ana Rodríguez Mosquera reveals how the second chance that life has given her has been

Sofía Bono, the youngest daughter of José Bono and Ana Rodríguez Mosquera, has made the leap to virtual platforms with her own documentary series. An audiovisual project for Ecoo Magazine in which the 21-year-old addresses a taboo subject still for many families: adoption.

A first-person story called Abierta en canal. Everyone knows that the youngest daughter of the marriage of the former socialist minister and his wife was adopted when she was barely three months old.

A volunteer trip and an official trip to Bolivía

It all started on a volunteer trip to India by Ana Rodríguez with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. According to her own daughter, the businesswoman had always felt devotion to children.

A feeling that was magnified on his trip to the Asian country and ended in the adoption of Sofia. Although at first, the former socialist minister was reluctant to adopt given his age, then 50 years, it was a few days later, on a trip to Bolivia, and, specifically, to a reception center, when he knew firsthand the reality in which hundreds of infants live.

19 January 2001

Shocked by the situation, he called his wife with a single mission: that he will initiate the procedures for adoption. A few months later, on January 19, 2001, the couple would embark on the journey that would bring them to ‘their best chance’. In fact, in this first installment, the youngest of the Bono shows the first letter that her father writes to her.

It is a letter that Bono writes while traveling to Chile, his daughter’s country of origin. In it he assures that that same day he has quit smoking to be able to spend more days of his life with her. Today, 20 years after that day, Sofia confesses that she has no curiosity to meet her biological parents, although she does not remember them since they gave her “the best gift” of her life.