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10 autonomous communities offer the tourist voucher: what is it and how can you order it?

    • Tourist vouchers offer aid and discounts in hotels and hotels of up to 600 euros

    • There are currently ten autonomous communities that offer tourist vouchers

    • Some regions limit the vouchers to their residents and others extend them to domestic tourists.

    The operation to save summer 2021 is already underway and there are many initiatives that the tourism sector is launching to recover occupancy levels and holiday business to the levels prior to the health crisis. One of these measures is the tourist voucher, a pack of aid and discounts of up to 600 euros that have launched up to ten autonomous communities to encourage national tourism.

    So far there are ten autonomous communities that are offering the so-called ‘tourist vouchers’ or ‘travel vouchers’, which offer significant discounts on accommodation, catering and excursions. Although there are important differences in the offer of each region. For example, Andalusia, Valencia, Galicia and the Balearic Islands allocate aid to their residents to encourage tourism in their own region. On the other hand, there are Aragon, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla y León, Community of Madrid, Extremadura and Basque Country that extend their aid to all national tourists.

    These are the different tourist vouchers offered by the different Autonomous Communities and their requirements to apply for them:


    The Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration launches an initiative to reactivate tourism after the health crisis. This is the Andalusian Tourist Voucher. Any person registered in a municipality of Andalusia or holder of the Andalusian Card or Andalusian Abroad, who wants to travel through Andalusia outside their place of residence, can hire a minimum of two nights in an accommodation establishment that has the distinctive “Safe Andalusia”. The discounts and requirements to request it are on their website.


    The requirements to apply for the Aragonese tourist voucher are: to be of legal age with legal and stable residence in Spain during the duration of the program and to be interested in at least 2 nights in some of the establishments registered in the Tourism Registry of Aragon and that have the consideration of tourist company. The aid will consist of an amount equivalent to 40% of the invoice, including VAT, with a maximum of 300 euros. All information is available on their website.

    Castile-La Mancha

    The tourist voucher is a measure to support hotel accommodation and travel agencies in Castilla-La Mancha. The final beneficiaries of the discounts are users who stay in the hotel establishments of Castilla-La Mancha. The discounts are variable and depending on what each beneficiary company stipulates, they can be up to 12 euros per room and night in hostels and 1-star hotels, up to 20 euros per room and night in 2 and 3-star hotels and up to 30 euros per night in 4 and 5-star hotels. All the information on their website.

    Castile and Leon

    The tourist voucher #DisfrutaCastillayLeón2021, consists of a prepaid card available in two modalities (card ‘Enjoy’ and card ‘Enjoy Plus Agencies’), and between three amounts for each modality (250, 500 or 700 euros). They will be available to tourists from September 15, 2021 until May 31, 2022.

    The first of the card modalities, called ‘Enjoy’ card, is associated with a subsidy of 50% of the expenses freely made with it by the tourist in any of the establishments and tourist activities registered in the Tourism Registry of Castilla y León that adhere to this tourist voucher. In the prepaid card of 250 euros, the Junta de Castilla y León will contribute 125 euros; in the card of 500 euros will be 250 euros that are also contributed from the Board and the 700 euros will have a contribution of 350 euros.

    For those applicants who opt for the second of the modalities, called ‘Enjoy Plus Agencies’ card, they may hire any of the tourist packages made available by the Travel Agencies that adhere to this Bonus, benefiting from a subsidy of 60% of the expenses included in the contracted tourist package. In this type of prepaid card, in the 250 euros the Junta de Castilla y León will contribute 150 euros; In the card of 500 euros will be 300 euros and the 700 euros will have a contribution of 420 euros.

    Community of Madrid

    The Community of Madrid has announced the launch, from July, of tourist vouchers with discounts of up to 50%, which translates into up to 600 euros per person, aimed at national visitors who choose hotel accommodation or travel agencies in the region. Tourists can get discounts on nights of tourist accommodation (from one night), as well as other services related to maintenance, health and well-being, guided tours, tourist and sports activities.

    Community of Valencia

    The Travel Voucher program can be requested by individuals of legal age who are registered in a municipality of the Valencian Community. The amount of the aid will be 70% of the tourist services including VAT, up to a maximum of 600 euros per aid granted, all the information on its website.


    The Extremadura tourist voucher plan allows you to obtain discounts of between 50% and 75% of the cost of services in accommodation (with a minimum of two consecutive nights), as well as for other tourist services. You can find their requirements and apply here.


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