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Voucher, Bonus, Refund & Co: What does this actually mean?

    There is now much debate about how airlines should compensate their passengers for cancelled flights. Several similar-sounding terms are used and many travelers don’t really know what it’s about and what the best option is. We have compiled some of the most important terms and explained them briefly.

    Difference between travel voucher, reimbursement and indemnity

    Travel vouchers


    Bonuses are a popular method of airlines. They allow airlines to reimburse passengers for the cost of tickets for canceled flights without losing money. With the vouchers the money stays with the airline. After the cancellation of a flight, passengers are issued a voucher of a value equal to that of the ticket purchased, which they can present to the same airline for a later flight. The catch: Vouchers are only valid for a limited time. A flight on a different date can often be more expensive, especially if it had to be booked at relatively short notice. And the difference between the value of the voucher and the new plane ticket must, of course, be borne by the customer. Therefore, we believe that passengers should, whenever possible, ask for a refund of the flight money rather than settle for a voucher.


    Compensation for cancelled or delayed flights


    As stipulated in the EU regulation on air passenger rights, passengers whose flights are cancelled or delayed by more than 3 hours are entitled to financial compensation. It can be up to 600 euros, depending on the distance covered by the flight and the total delay time. Incidentally, this regulation applies to all flights within the EU or departing from a European airport. Alternatively, if the flight does not take off within the EU, the legislation applies if it has been operated by an EU-based airline.


    By the way, you are entitled to compensation regardless of the price of your ticket. The only thing to keep in mind is that you will only be entitled to compensation if the reason for the delay or cancellation of the flight is also the responsibility of the airline. Bad weather, for example, is considered an exceptional circumstance and does not oblige airlines to pay compensation. Not sure if your flight meets all the criteria? No problem. With our claims calculator you can check your flight quickly and easily and find out what amount of compensation you are entitled to:


    Check my flight


    Tip: The year 2018 was widely known as a year of delays. In the summer, there were more planes delayed than ever before. But the good thing is that your right to receive compensation in Spain applies up to 5 years after the flight. Therefore, you have the possibility to claim, with Flight-Delayed, flights up to 4 years ago, that is, since 2016!

    Flight delays and cancellations not caused by extraordinary circumstances

    If your flight has been delayed or cancelled for no reason, you may be entitled to compensation. Unfortunately, airlines often refer to extraordinary circumstances to frighten passengers. However, every situation is different and the decision of whether you are entitled to compensation is not always black and white. Our team of experts is trained to analyze each situation and offer tailored advice. is also able to corroborate the conditions in which a flight was operated, even if the airline has argued that the occurrence of an extraordinary circumstance in a previous leg of the aircraft’s itinerary.

    Some of the most common misuses of the “extraordinary circumstance” argument are: technical and operational issues, bad weather conditions on a previous flight, air traffic control restrictions on previous flights, overbooking, and system failures. As mentioned above, every case is different and sometimes airlines can be right. However, it is your obligation to prove the occurrence of an extraordinary circumstance.

    Has your claim already been rejected? You can still file your claim with We will review the airline’s response and determine whether we can legally proceed or if, in fact, an extraordinary circumstance occurred. We will take care of correspondence with the airline and, if necessary, initiate legal proceedings. All this is covered by our 25% commission that you will only have to pay if we are successful in claiming your compensation. Don’t wait any longer, exercise your rights!


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